Newborn photography is an art all on its own. Our team at Tumbleston Photography Studios has over 30 years of experience photographing newborns and babies. Our extremely talented staff has mastered the art of staging the studio, and we create the perfect scenes for your newborn’s photo shoot. We know the secrets behind making your baby comfortable in order to get that perfect shot.

We have a huge collection of baby hats, outfits, blankets, baskets and other props available for use in your photo session. You are also always welcome to bring your own. Remember, the best photos are taken while the baby is sleeping, so try to schedule your visit your visit during his/her regular napping hours.  In addition, we keep our studios cozy, warm, and quiet. And if you’d like, we can wake the baby at the end to capture his/her young eyes.

Tumbleston Photography has two photo studios, one in West Ashley and the other in Moncks Corner, both dedicated to capturing your memories. We prefer to do these shoots in-studios, since it’s kept at such a comfortable climate for your child to sleep.

Don’t forget, the best newborn pictures are taken in the first four weeks so contact us today to book your session and get a personal photo consultation. You can also view our exclusive prices and promotions.